Enrol At OUM With Your Work Experience

Don’t waste your working experience. Assemble it compile it and make it useful for your future.

APEL is a Prior Experience Based Learning Credit. It is defined as a systematic process that involves the identification, documentation and evaluation of past experience-based learning.

APEL is divided into two types: APEL for Access Purpose [(APEL.A]) and APEL for Credit Grant Purpose [APEL (C)].

APEL.A provides an opportunity for those with work experience but lacking qualifications or no academic qualifications to pursue studies at Institutions of Higher Education. Generally, APEL.A assessment involves the assessment of one’s knowledge through formal education or through his or her previous experience.

With APEL admission you can further study in OUM without good qualification in your SPM or without SPM.

We need your working experience only to full fill our criteria to study with us using APEL admission

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