Earn Course credits and graduate faster

APEL.C is for learners already enrolled in a degree programme at OUM who want to use their prior experience to earn course credit.

APEL.C allows you to earn up to 30% of your degree credits by providing evidence that your prior experiential learning meets your degree programme’s course learning outcomes (CLOs).

If you pass the APEL.C assessment, you can:

  • Take fewer course credits
  • Save money
  • Enjoy a shorter duration of study

APEL.C is available for most OUM courses. You can apply if you have work experience or previous experience relevant to a particular course. To find out which courses are eligible for APEL.C, please refer to the course information for your degree programme.


in 3 steps



To begin the APEL.C process, note the opening and closing dates of the application. Then, identify the courses for which you would like to receive credits through APEL.C, and submit details of your relevant prior learning and work experience for each course for review.

An advisor will be appointed to conduct the review and advise you on the suitability of the evidence given. You will receive either an “Eligible” or “Not Eligible” outcome. In the latter case, you can either resubmit the application with additional evidence or take the course concerned as usual.


Application And Assessment

If you are eligible for assessment, stay alert for the test date and portfolio submission deadline. Regularly check your email and announcements on the myOUM portal.

APEL.C assessments can take the form of either a challenge test or a portfolio assessment.


Credit Award

If you pass the APEL.C assessment, you will be awarded credits for the course(s), enabling you to complete your studies earlier.

How much time can you save through APEL.C?

APEL.C can be used to get …DiplomaBachelor’s DegreeMaster’s DegreeDoctorate
up to 30% credits of a programme27 credits36 credits12 credits24 credits
equivalent to9 courses12 courses4 courses8 courses
reducing study duration by as much as3 semesters4 semesters1 semester4 semester

Please take note that:

  • Courses that have been awarded credits will not be included in the calculation of your CGPA.
  • If you fail the assessment for any course, you must register to undertake that same course as usual in a regular semester.