Your achievements and expertise deserve an award

APEL.Q promotes lifelong learning by recognising prior experiential learning acquired through continuing professional development, formal and non-formal education, and training.

To use your prior experiential learning for enrolment in a fully accredited programme via APEL.Q, you must meet the minimum years of experience stipulated by MQA:

 Academic Qualification Experience in Relevant FieldMQF Level

at least 15 Years



at least 20 Years



at least 25 Years


APEL.Q Programmes

OUM is one of Malaysia's six pioneer Higher Education Providers appointed by MQA to award academic qualifications through APEL.Q. It offers APEL.Q for the following programmes:

Coming soon, APEL.Q will be offered for the following programmes:


in 4 steps


Self-Assessment Exercise

Register your interest to take APEL.Q at the MQA website . You will receive an invite for a briefing by the OUM APEL Centre. The briefing will include a guided self-assessment exercise, whereby an advisor will help to determine your eligibility to apply for APEL.Q.


Formal Application

If you are eligible for APEL.Q, you will be guided through the formal application process to become an OUM learner. All the facilities and services of the University will be made available to you so that you can begin your APEL.Q journey.


Assessment Process

The APEL.Q assessment comprises FOUR main components that must be completed in sequence, as follows:
  1. Portfolio
  2. Field and Validation Visit
  3. Challenge Test
  4. Capstone Courses
You must pass the assessment at each stage of the components before you can proceed to the next. APEL.Q assessments are outcome-based, focusing on the body of knowledge and competencies you possess, matching them with the learning outcomes of the programme you are interested in.

Academic Award

When you have successfully completed your programme, you will receive a scroll, a transcript, and a Malaysian Qualification Statement (MQS) from OUM.