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Find out how to leverage your prior experience to shorten the study duration through Accredition of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL).

Shorten study duration

Earn course credit to graduate faster

APEL (C) is the award of credits for the prior experiential learning towards a course in an accredited programme of higher education provided (HEP). Awards of credits under APEL (C) is in the form of credit transfer where it does not involve the transfer of grades. Credit awarded for the course will be counted towards the total credit requirement for graduation.

The maximum percentage of credit transfer through APEL (C) is 30% of the total graduating credits of a specific programme of study. This percentage is in addition to the credit transfer provision based in the existing formal credit transfer policy.

Promoting lifelong learning opportunities

APEL assesses, recognises and awards credits for the individual's prior experiential learning gained either through non-formal or informal means by determining the extent to which the learner has achieved the required learning, and competency outcomes for award of credit for a course.


Master’s Degree (Level 7)Bachelor’s Degree (Level 6)

30% from programme structure = 12 credits

Equivalent to about 4 courses

Shorten duration of study by 1 semester

30% from programme structure = 36 credits

Equivalent to about 12 courses

Shorten duration of study by 4 semesters

Our Process




APEL C Assessment


Credit Awarded


Submit the details of your prior learning and experiences relevant to the course that you wish to apply through APEL using the Knowledge Resume template found at the eServices menu of myVirtual Learning Environment(myVLE).

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APEL C Assessment

Upon successful review of the Knowledge Resume by the faculty, you will be required to attempt the APEL C Test.

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Credit Awarded

If you pass the APEL C Test, you will be awarded with APEL credits for the course which enables you to complete your studies earlier.

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