Direct Evidence

You can provide copies of your qualification;

  • School certificates
  • State of results
  • Courses completed at work

You can provide samples of your work;

  • Drawings of photographs
  • Reports
  • Written materials
  • Projects
  • Objects
  • Work of arts

You can provide documents that verify your work activities;

  • Notes
  • Emails
  • Completed worksheets
  • Contracts

You can provide evidence that shows what you have done in your life;

  • Meritorious awards
  • State of results

Indirect Evidence

You can provide copies of;

  • Diaries
  • Records
  • Journals
  • Articles

You can provide copies of email communications which verify;

  • Customer feedback
  • Work activities
  • Written skills

You can provide letters to verify your claim from;

  • Employers
  • Community group
  • People you have worked with (paid and unpaid work)