APEL for Credits Assessment

APEL for Credits Assessment

Candidates will have their skills, knowledge and competencies assessed by a panel of subject matter experts through the Knowledge Resume and APEL for Credit (APEL C) Test. At the pre-assessment stage, candidates need to submit their Knowledge Resume that contains detailed information and evidence of their prior learning and experience relevant to the course they are applying.

Once that is done, candidates are required to sit for the APEL C Test where their prior learning, both informal & non-formal, are assessed to see if they are relevant and specific to the learning outcomes of a course for the purpose of credit award.

Candidates may answer the questions using examples from their learning experiences.

To find out more, read the guidelines on APEL C available at myVLE.


APEL C Process

Step 1: Pre-Assessment

Submit the details of your prior learning and experiences relevant to the course that you wish to apply through APEL using the Knowledge Resume template found at the eServices menu of myVirtual Learning Environment(myVLE).

Step 2:  APEL C Assessment

Upon successful review of the Knowledge Resume by the faculty, you will be required to attempt the APEL C Test.

Step 3: Credit Awarded

If you pass the APEL C Test, you will be awarded with APEL credits for the course which enables you to complete your studies earlier.