Benefits for APEL for Credit Award

Benefits to the Learner:

  • Increase self confidence and enhance the motivation to continue learning;
  • Get access and recognition to higher qualifications;
  • Document knowledge, skills and experience better through the preparation of portfolio of evidence;
  • Plan for further learning and personal career development;
  • Develop analytical and learning skills through the process of undertaking APEL itself;
  • Increase mobility and employability; and
  • Reduce time and cost.


Benefits to the Institutions:

  • Increase access and widen participation for non-conventional learners;
  • Support the development of curriculum; and
  • Enrich the teaching-learning experience with the presence of nonconventional learners.


Benefits to the Employers:

  • Increase motivation and interest in workplace practice on the part of the employees;
  • Reduce the amount of time needed to complete a qualification and therefore, requiring less time away from the workplace;
  • Generate new ideas and development in the workplace as a result of process of reflection on practice by employees; and
  • Improve employee retention, and reduce recruitment and training cost.


Benefits to the Nation:

  • Promoting lifelong learning culture as a means of upgrading its workforce in response to global k-economy (knowledge economy) trend;
  • Enhancing productivity through the acquisition of skills and knowledge among its workforce; and
  • Boosting the nation’s competitiveness at the regional and global levels.