Scope of Aptitude Test

The Aptitude Test covers four main areas; namely Bahasa Malaysia, English Language, Mathematics and General Knowledge/Critical Thinking.


Part A: Bahasa Malaysia (10 Multiple Choice Questions)

This section assesses the following areas of grammar and comprehension in Bahasa Malaysia namely;

  • Bacaan & Pemahaman
  • Tatabahasa & Prosa Kata
  • Ejaan
  • Perbendaharaan Kata
  • Pembetulan Kesalahan


Part B: English Language (10 Multiple Choice Questions)

This section assesses the applicant in the area of:

  • Reading & Comprehension
  • Grammar & Tenses
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Error Correction


Part C: Mathematics (10 Multiple Choice Questions)

This section aims to determine if the applicant is able to demonstrate basic mathematics skills and understand various problem solving approaches specifically in the areas of:

  • Basic Numeracy
  • Basic Algebra
  • Problem Solving


Part D: General Knowledge / Critical Thinking (10 Multiple Choice Questions)

General Knowledge tests the applicant’s understanding of the Malaysian history, administration, and governance specifically in the area of:

  • Melaka Sultanate;
  • Malaysian Constitution;
  • Concept of 1Malaysia;
  • Malaysian Festivals & Rukunegara; and
  • Environmental issues and Human Capital Development.


Critical Thinking aims to test the applicant’s ability and skills in the areas of

  • logic reasoning;
  • classification; and
  • pattern recognition.